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Individually, Chris and Angela are many things.

Chris is a semi-intelligent dork-nerd with sporty tendencies.  He currently tends to play lots of soccer, much to the horror of his 50+ year old body parts.  His 20’s and 30’s were obsessively dominated by attempting to become a somewhat competent surfer – in which he was somewhat unsuccessful.  His younger years were spent hiding the obscene amount of hours he spent playing Dungeon’s & Dragon’s with his best friends, from his ‘cool-jock’ friends.  Always lurking in the back of his mind though, has been an unsatisfied wanderlust that will hopefully be sated in the near future.

Not a broom … not a wizard … fair try tho

Angela on the other hand … still not a wizard, but she’s got geek down pat!  Ange is a fairly creative, though rather uncoordinated, lover of art, gardening and all things archeological.  Show her ruins and ancient artifacts and she’s in heaven; but, put her in a room with living people and she’ll probably hide in the corner.  She loves exploring, though, and continually wants to know what’s around the next corner.  Like the man said, it’s a big, crazy world out there, so it’s about time she gets going to check it out!

Ravenclaw to the core …

Together they form a rather inept couple for which world travel might not be the best way to ensure ongoing health and happiness (both for them and for those unfortunates who might stray into their general space).

With selfish abandon, they’re heading out anyway.  Weeks, months or years on the road will ultimately determine whether their time abroad will back up the Darwinian theory that only the strong & most well equipped of a species will survive.  Regardless, they are going in head first, with open minds and open hearts.

Life is short … wish us luck! : )

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  1. good luck, and lots of adventures while you’re still young…sort of…in a relative way. I will be living vicariously, so loads of pictures and snarky remarks are more than welcome. BTW did you get the MaiTai in Tahiti? Under a Cabana? At the beach? With the sea lapping at your feet?

    1. Yesterday was All Saints Day in Tahiti, which they celebrate beautifully. Everyone takes the day off; there are tons of beautiful tropical flower bouquets for sale everywhere, which get placed on their relatives graves; and they rope off the liquor isles at all the stores. Today is All Souls Day … No Mai Tai’s for me yet ?

  2. Day 3 and I miss you both !!!!! waiting patiently for a photo or 2. and onward you go…………luv ya, Mom

  3. The pictures are a very nice start, but there seems to be a missing selfie on a soccer pitch, but I admit, a minor detail…or is it? I did note a blue haired nymph in the yellowish mangrove forest. Typical fauna and flora? I was interested in heading to Tahiti at some point, but since you say, it reminds you so much of Kauai, I think I’ll save myself the 2200 additional miles from Kauai it would have taken and just go to Kauai, and since Mai Tais remind me of Kauai, I’ll just enjoy the pictures and have a Mai Tai?.

          1. I’m like 100% sure Mai Tai would work, but sure throw in the odd article. Annette, who is sitting here, is like, I’m not sure if they would know what a Mai Tai is, so if you would like me to break down a Guy Tai to its constituent parts, let me know. Of course by now you are in New Zealand, so never mind.

  4. Woot! Great pictures, and you sometimes even use words. Well done. Looks amazing. Though I almost peed myself watching the video of the trail. Not a place for vertigo!

    1. They do make quality adult diapers now … they got elastic pull-ups and everything! Maybe a six pack handy by your computer??

  5. There are no words to describe that Tahiti trail………no, wait – there are. TERRIFYING, HORRIFYING, NASTY, NASTY, NASTY !!!!!. Good little girls and boys do not share these things with their Moms who tend to worry about their children’s safety. Continue onward with your adventures SAFELY. Love you both, easily rattled Mom

    1. Point well taken Ma … in all fairness tho, we never got to the super terrifying, horrifying, nasty, nasty, nasty bits at the end. Angela would never let us go there! At least there’s one good little girl in our pair ; )

  6. Wow! Looking awesome Angela and Chris. I will be happily lurking, following your travels. It’s a good time to be out of the Bay Area. The smoke from the Camp Fire is really bad! Enjoy!

    1. Hey Annette! Yeah, we’ve been lurking over the digital Independent Journal to keep up on the fires etc. So sad … so scary : / Hope things clear up soon, & we’ll keep posting pics!

  7. Hi
    Just got your blog link from my daughter Meg
    She’s Cruz’s girlfriend (Tracy’s son)
    We live in Cardiff! Small world hey!
    Don’t suppose you’re back in South Wales now as you’ve moved up North but if you are let me know as be great to say hi! It’s a shame I didn’t know sooner as you could have stayed here
    So glad you visited Wales 😊😊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
    Hwyl Fawr

    1. Hi Lucy!!
      Darn! We’re quite a bit behind on our blog … we were in your neighborhood a couple weeks ago, and are now in the French Alps. I was intending to ask Meg for recommendations in Wales, she was so great with them when we’re traveling through Australia!! I never did follow through on that tho : / Sorry, we would have loved to have met you guys, and thanks so much for reaching out to us!! We’ll definitely contact you next time we’re in your beautiful country!! 😁

      1. Awww no worries!
        If you’re ever back this way then make sure you get in touch
        Enjoy the rest of your travels 😃x

  8. I am as green with envy as the slopes of Snowdon. Walking in Wales has just moved to the top of the bucket list, right alongside Patagonia and the Himalaya (I dream big). That panoramic needs a frame and a place of honor in my living room. What an amazing image . . . and amazing journey. Can’t wait to see the Alps; I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be a crowd at the top of that list

    1. Hi Tracy
      That invitation to stay goes to you too!
      If you ever fancy a trip over you’d be more than welcome. The Brecon Beacons of South Wales are also as stunning as Snowdonia in the North.
      As they say in Wales – we’ll keep a welcome in the hillsides!
      Cymru am byth! 😃🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    2. Yes, definitely move Wales high on the bucket list!! You’ll be in heaven with a backpack : ) The people are what make Wales stand out though … friendliest country I’ve ever been in! It took us back a couple times how far out of the way folks went to help us out when we were a bit lost … both geographically and mentally ; p

  9. The photos and info of the Hamertons and Hellifield was fascinating. My mother would have loved every picture and every word. Thanks for giving me some incite into mine and yours past. Mom

  10. Blown away again at the beauty and skill of your photos !!!! The Alps pictures are magnificent. What a stunning place but, boy, I bet it is COLD in the winter. Mom

  11. OK, so Mount Blanc. That time lapse. Seriously amazing. Just a little green with envy. I’ve only watched it four times. Well done, lil bro & wife.

    1. Yeah, watching those clouds drift over the mountains was so mesmerizing … we could have spent hours there! You still on schedule to watch more of the same in Nepal this coming Spring?? : )

  12. Can you just imagine when all those clocks go off at the same time – music to my ears !!! With so many mountain hikes I bet you guys have thighs of steel by now – I’m sooooo jealous. Mom

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