Paronella Park and Mermaids Cave Falls

On our way from Cairns down to Sydney we visited many scenic spots. Two of which were Paronella Park and Mermaids Cave Falls.

Paronella Park was created by a Spanish immigrant named Jose Paronella. He had a dream of building a castle inspired by those he remembered from his home in Catalonia. In 1929 Jose and his wife purchased the land next to Mena Creek Falls, amidst sugar cane fields near the Coral Sea coast in Queensland. Over the years they and their family built many structures of mostly stone and cement; including cottages, a castle, a theater/ballroom, bridges, tunnels, tennis courts and a creek side picnic area. They also planted thousands of trees and tropical plants along paths. Jose even constructed a hydroelectric plant at the waterfall to power the park – which is still functioning today! The park opened to the public in 1935. Though it’s endured many difficulties (like fire, flood and multiple cyclones), the current owners have worked tirelessly to preserve and maintain what is left.

Mermaids Cave Falls is a lush rocky canyon area in the Blue Mountains. A short hike into the canyon reveals impressive rock cliffs and a cave-like area carved out beneath a trickling waterfall. It got its’ name from ancient sea fossils that are often dislodged from the sandstone by the flowing water. The fossils inspired people to imagine mermaids lounging in the pools of the cave.

Enjoy a few pictures from our wonderings through these lovely places!

7 Replies to “Paronella Park and Mermaids Cave Falls”

    1. Yeah, it is kinda tucked away in the cane fields, but worth a visit! They actually have a campground, store and cafe, too. If l’m ever in the area again, l’m love to camp there for a while.

  1. Whoa! So lush.

    Chris! Don’t play with the Mermaids!! They’ll take your finger(s) clean off!!!

    Thanks again for sharing 🤤

    1. It’s OK. I always wear my mermaid proof gloves when visiting mermaid territory. They’re a lot like oyster shucking gloves, but much more sparkly ✨

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