Even though we’ve been back in Marin for over a month now, we thought we’d keep sharing the rest of our trip with you!

So, with only a week left in our stay in Japan, we definitely had to visit the area near the famous Mount Fuji. The rural region we decided to stay in is known as the Fuji Five Lakes region because of the five major lakes that ring the volcano on the inland side. It is a very popular Japanese vacation destination due to the combination of scenic lakeside, beautiful mountains, majestic forests and, of course, great views of Mount Fuji. We stayed at Lake Kawaguchiko, one of the bigger lakes. Though known more for cherry blossoms in spring and brightly colored maples in autumn, it was still quite magnificent in the off season! We even got to see the first snow of the year cover the peak of Mount Fuji!

Please enjoy some pictures from our wanderings around Lake Kawaguchiko!

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    1. Beautiful spot. The food was great and very affordable. A little difficult for me to find food that suited my dietary restrictions, especially with the language barrier. But, with a little effort we found some very accommodating restaurants and stores.

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