Alabama Hills Climbing

As well as being a breathtakingly beautiful place to spend time exploring, the Alabama Hills are also a premier rock climbing destination. The hills are made up of coarse orange and brown high desert granite, or quartz monzonite towers and outcrops, which are an absolute pleasure to climb on. We also had the good fortune of being joined by Nate, a good friend of Joe and Amber’s, who is a far more experienced rock climber than we are. This allowed us to climb much more interesting and challenging routes : ) We climbed nearly every day we were there, and on one memorable occasion, we climbed at night during a full moon! Here are a couple photo galleries of us climbing rocks … hope you enjoy!

Also, here’s a bit more history regarding the naming of the area, which I’ve copied from the Mountain Project website:

“In the 1860’s the town of Lone Pine, CA was primarily Southern (as in the Confederacy) in their sympathies regarding the Civil War, while the town of Independence, CA on the other hand (15 miles to the north), being US Army Fort Independence, was primarily Northern (Union) in their allegiance. The residents of Lone Pine named the Alabama Hills to commemorate the Confederate iron-clad warship CSS Alabama, which was wreaking havoc on the Union fleet. To counter, the residents of Independence later named a local gold mine, Kearsarge, to commemorate the Union warship USS Kearsarge, that sank the CSS Alabama.”

Alabama Hills Revisited

We’ve become so enchanted by the unique beauty of the Alabama Hills that we seem to keep making plans to go back to explore the area more in depth. We were finally able to take a week-long camping trip in the Hills in late May. This time we were even able to talk a few friends into joining us!

Here are a couple photo galleries of our trip … enjoy!